We employ state-of-the-art visual analytics techniques in the context of visualizing complex aspects of the data, providing insights and revealing the hidden stories in data. All of the components are integrated into re-usable building blocks, allowing users to obtain visual-interactive access to all aspects of data, enabling users of these components to intuitively access and modify parameters of certain queries, affecting visualized insights, data interactions and interconnections, and exploration capabilities. The components provided are highly customizable and re-usable, as they constitute key elements of many application types. In addition, the components provide support for a wide range of application types, ranging from mobile applications, to Web 2.0 portals, and to social media applications.

The components introduced in the following paragraphs are part of a larger JavaScript library built according to the requirements of the YDS Platform. The produced library leverages the features of the AngularJS MVC Framework in order to combine different visualization libraries such as Highcharts , ag-Grid and Leaflet into one highly capable visualization library.

AngularJS is a fully extensible and highly modular toolset for extending the HTML vocabulary with dynamic views, modularity, and ease of maintenance. In that manner, third party developers have the ability to extend the capabilities of the YDS visualization library with minimum effort.