In this page you will find information about how to use the "social" components of the YDS Library, which are components related to social media.

1. Related Items Component:

The Related Items component is used to show a number of related items about a project. These items can be news, blog posts or tweets. There are three tabs for each type of item. By clicking on an item, a new page is opened with the news article, blog post or tweet depending on the item's type. The component also supports loading more items for a category by clicking the "Load more" button that is found on the bottom of each list.

Example Usage:


Input Values:

Input Description
project-id ID of the project to show items for.
period Set the time period of the related items to display. Accepted values: "before", "during" and "after" the project.
element-h Height of the component in pixels. Default is 150 pixels.
total-items The component will save the number of total items in this parameter's value (in case you want to display it outside of the component in your page).


Related Items Component