The PersonalAIz Platform is being delivered

Installation Process:

Step 1: Download docker container from github:

Step 2: Unzip file.

Step 3: Load docker image on docker:

docker load -i /path/personalaiz_docker.tar

Step 4: Run PersonalAIz Docker image and bind export port to 50001:

docker run --hostname="pserver" -it --rm -p 50001:50001 ncsr/personalaiz:0.2 /bin/bash

Step 5: Start container services by executing


Step 6: Import PersonalAIz DB schema in HBase storage:

/opt/hbase/bin/hbase shell /opt/pserver_hbase_schema.txt

Step 7: Run "list" command to see the generated schema:


List output

Step 8: Exit from HBase shell by typing exit:


Step 9: Detach from the Docker container by typing Ctrl+P+Q

Step 10: Initialize PersonalAIz platform by visiting on browser:

Change rootPassword with your desired password


Step 11: Attempt to login with Username: root and Password: the one tha you defined on previous step:

Change rootPassword with your desired password