PersonalAIz is a platform which contains useful modules to extend the functionality of PServer. The functionality of the compatible modules varies from recommendation engines and data import endpoints to web components like Admin Panels, REST APIs and CMS plugins.

PersonalAIz Architecture:

PersonalAIz Architecture

PServer is an application agnostic server that supports user modeling in a variety of domains (e.g. marketplaces, news content websites, music portals, etc.). It relies on a simple generic representation of the user model, using custom defined features per application. In more detail, PServer supports modeling of users at different levels: personal models, stereotypes, communities, while adopting a unified approach which hides the implementation details behind a simple and efficient API. Furthermore, it is capable of handling large volumes of data, as it exploits state-of-the-art technologies such as MapReduce techniques and distributed storage systems.

PServer Architecture:

PServer Architecture